Meet YoungFilmmaker - Simona Shrayber - SHE HAS NO TIME

Simona is screening with YoungFilmmakers on April 12th at 6:30pm

My name is Simona Shrayber and I am a videographer and visualist currently attending Miami Beach Senior High. In my particular art, I specifically work towards the direction of visual music. My vision consists of creating music videos, live performance film, documentary work and conceptual pieces pertaining to music. I stride to be successful in this industry by doing what I love. My passion for art is not limited to just film. I am a huge supporter of the future's new artists. Making the connections now is what starts this generation's network of creative individuals.

The production of 'She Has No Time' was a one-man show; just me and my two actors. I took on the duties of director, producer, cinematographer, editor and creator. One of the greatest challenges was definitely shooting in packed bus-full of people staring as I try my best to get the most natural shot possible. Getting live footage was hard, but accomplishable!

This film was my first official production. Therefore, making the whole experience a lesson in itself. There is a lot left to see and a lot left to learn but there's even more to film!

Find me and my art on Instagram
@ simonashray

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Brandon Ruckdashel

Brandon Ruckdashel is the Festival Director for YoungFilmmakers. He has been the Program Director for NewFilmmakers for the last three years and Marketing Director for six. Brandon is a filmmaker who is most well known for his acting work in the HBO series Co-Ed Confidential and numerous B-Movies. Brandon has worked with Roger Corman alumni Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wynorski along with a number of other very talented directors. Brandon's Directorial debut GRINDER will be out in theaters in 2016.

YoungFilmmakers screens quarterly in New York at Anthology Film Archives. Opened in 1970 by Jonas Mekas, Jerome Hill, P. Adams Sitney, Peter Kubelka, and Stan Brakhage, Anthology in its original conception was a showcase for the Essential Cinema Repertory collection. An ambitious attempt to define the art of cinema by means of a selection of films which would screen continuously, the Essential Cinema collection was intended to encourage the study of the medium’s masterworks as works of art rather than disposable entertainment, making Anthology the first museum devoted to film as an art form. The project was never completed, but even in its unfinished state it represented an uncompromising critical overview of cinema’s history, and remains a crucial part of Anthology’s exhibition program.